Prior Projects

Adult Children of Gay and Bisexual Fathers Study

Collaboration with Dr. Charlotte Patterson at the University of Virginia

Adult children, 18 years of age or older, who had a parent(s) that participated in the gay/bisexual father study. The purpose of the study is to examine the experiences of adult children raised by gay/bisexual fathers.


Joint Custody and Child Development Study

Collaboration with Dr. Robert Emery, Jenna Rowen, Bailey Ocker, Dr. Daniel Potter, & Yishan Xu at the University of Virginia

What constitutes the best, or least damaging, living arrangements for very young children whose parents live apart? Scientific and legal controversies are growing about whether infants and toddlers whose parents live apart should spend overnights away from their primary attachment figure. Unfortunately, very little research has been conducted on the living arrangements and well-being of very young children. In a series of studies, we hope to shed light on this question.


Sexual Minority Reproductive and Sexual Health Study

Collaboration with Dr. Charlotte Patterson at the University of Virginia, Dr. Rachel Riskind at Gilford College & Bernadette Blanchfield at the University of Virginia

In this series of studies, we will assess reproductive and sexual health among sexual minority youth. In addition we aim to understand risk and protective factors for reproductive health among members of this vulnerable population.


Lesbian Mother Study

Collaboration with Dr. Suzanne Johnson & Dr. Elizabeth O'Conner at Dowling College

The purpose of this internet based study was to gain insight into the experiences of co-parenting lesbian mothers. The goal of this study was to examine how these mothers formed families, and how, once formed, their families functioned.

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